Tips iPad’s Best Summer Companion

Published on May 23rd, 2013 | by Andrea

iPad’s Best Summer Companion

Why a ColcaSac sleeve is best for your iPad especially during summer

Whether it’s a swim at the beach, a family picnic or road trip with friends, the best summer will always be one that’s memorable and fun. Because we know you won’t go on vacation without your iPad, we’ll give you the reasons why a ColcaSac sleeve is your iPad’s best summer companion.


Dual-layer Protection.

Just as a sunscreen benefits your skin two ways by minimizing the harsh effects of UV and giving you a good tan, our iPad sleeves are made with two layers of protection for your device. The first layer is a strong exterior made of durable hemp canvas that offers protection from dents and scratches while the second layer is a soft lining made from recycled polyester fleece that makes a good cushion for your iPad.

Keeps Heat Out.

Summers are meant for us people to enjoy, but they are definitely not meant for sophisticated devices like our iPad. ColcaSac’s iPad sleeve does a good job of keeping the summer heat out with its breathable polyester lining that provides temperature resistance (proven useful even during winter, but that’s another story). So you can bask under the sun all you want without having to worry about your iPad getting a heat stroke.

Packing Problems Solved.

Unlike plastic, metal or wood casing, a ColcaSac iPad sleeve gives a snug fit and is not bulky. Pack it in your overnight bag, swimming gear or what have you, it fits in easily in between just like any piece of folded shirt or light jacket — hurray for more bag space!

Hassle-Free Enjoyment.

While it gives protection for your device when it needs protecting, ColcaSac’s iPad sleeves do not get in the way of your device when not in use. What’s more, its top loading feature and special velcro that is extra thin and quiet make it easy to access and secure your iPad back into place. There are no zippers or magnets that will rust, chip or cause damage to your device.

Cool Summer Fashion Statement.

Aside from using natural organic materials, most of the design and style inspiration for ColcaSac’s products are from the Hawaiian landscape. Okay… hold that mental picture of a tropical summer getaway. See? Now, imagine yourself strutting with your iPad in a ColcaSac… it just blends effortlessly with your whole summer getup!

Worried about getting your iPad wet?

We can treat your iPad sleeve with water repellent! Just fill out our custom order form and note that you want to have that added feature on your ColcaSac.

We hope you have an enjoyable summer with your iPad out of harm’s way in a stylish ColcaSac sleeve!



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