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Published on February 19th, 2013 | by Andrea


9 Things to Avoid When Choosing an iPad Case

Getting a case for your iPad should be easy, if not for the tons of iPad cases available out there. It is finding the best one that is quite tricky, especially for first time iPad owners. At the first instance, the word “best” is subjective and for the most part dependent on one’s mobile lifestyle and personal design preferences. So to streamline the process, allow us to enumerate what to avoid when choosing an iPad case.

1. Don’t buy the case before your iPad arrives. You want to have a feel of how you will use and carry your iPad before deciding what the best case is for you. Whether you travel extensively or spend most of your time at home or in the office has an  impact on what kind of case you should be getting. Better to try out your iPad first and then decide which case to get later.

2. Don’t buy the first iPad case you see, take time to do research and read reviews. This tip is directed specially for first time iPad owners. Many fall prey into buying the first iPad cover they lay their eyes on, only to realize a few weeks later that another case has a much better design. Ask your friends for recommendations to increase your chances of finding the right iPad case for you.

3. Don’t settle for what the Apple Store has in stock left. You want your iPad case to suit your personal taste and lifestyle. So unless you are convinced that last item on the shelf will live up to your expectations, we suggest that you hold out until new stocks arrive or you can simply move on to another shop.

4. Don’t scrimp on your iPad’s life saver. When choosing a case make sure you don’t sacrifice quality just to save on a few bucks. Spending wisely is not about going for the cheapest item on sale. We’re not saying you run and go spending on the most expensive one either. Consider making an investment on a well-designed iPad case that will offer maximum protection and will last a very long time.

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5. Keep your iPad away from cases that have moving parts like metal, magnet, or zipper that can scratch your device. No matter how careful you are at handling your iPad, going for a case with moving parts as mentioned above is like exposing your iPad to elements that could potentially scrape it. Imagine if your iPad dropped or hit something with the magnet or zipper in direct contact to it. Yeah, it’s not such a good idea!

6. Stay away from cases made of synthetic material like neoprene. Think of your iPad as a personal buddy, would he be comfortable in a wetsuit? Aim for an iPad case that is made of breathable materials, that will allow the device to cool down. It will help save the device from overheating. If you want to take it up a notch, choose iPad sleeves that are made of naturally durable fabrics; they usually biodegrade more easily than its neoprene counterparts.

7. Avoid iPad cases that add weight and bulk to your device. In the first place, you want to hold and use your iPad conveniently right? Try to look for soft iPad sleeves that is made of light yet protective materials with a substantial amount of padding to cushion your iPad from bumps and dents. They are comfortable to hold too.

8. Don’t get an iPad case that makes it difficult for you to access your device. Who gets an iPad and doesn’t use its cameras, ports and switches? No one! Choose an iPad case that allows unobstructed experience of the iPad, complete with all its features, very easily.

9. Don’t choose an iPad case just for the sake of accessorizing it. You want your iPad case first and foremost to offer protection for the device; stylish design is secondary priority. But who says you can’t have both?

We hope you found this article helpful. If we missed out on other issues to avoid when choosing an iPad case, feel free to comment below. And before you go, visit our shop and find the right iPad case for your New iPad or iPad Mini!



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