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8 Simple Ways To Protect Your Gadgets During Winter

Extreme temperatures can be harmful to electronic devices. This winter season, ColcaSac shares eight simple ways to help you take care of your gadgets.

Did you know that iPads and iPhones can only take up to 32oF of cold? Below sub-zero temperatures may lead to sim card errors, a dead battery, or the device shutting down on its own. MacBooks  have also been reported to suffer from battery malfunction when left out in the cold. Sadly, even Apple Care does not cover the iPhone’s warranty when the damage is caused by extreme weather and humidity. While it may sound logical to keep ‘em all gadgets at home, sometimes we just have to bring them along. If this is the case, how do we shield them from the stark effects of chilly weather conditions? Here are eight simple ways…

Invest in a protective case

MacBook sleeve - ColcaSac UintahOne of the easiest and most convenient ways to defend your iDevices is to invest in quality iPhone cases, iPad covers and MacBook sleeves. Pay attention to the materials used; it will be smart to go for those that offer a tight fit and are well-padded. Such cases will provide insulation and a good cushion for accidental drops or slips on the snow.

Keep your gadgets close

Think of how  comfy it feels to be next to another person in the midst of icy temperatures. The same principle of natural body heat transfer applies to your gadgets. Don’t put them directly on your skin though, because skin sweats and any form of moisture is not good for your electronic devices.

Your new best friend: Ear buds

If you’re not used to using ear buds, now is the best time to cough up a little cash for a good pair. Go for one that fits your ears well, has good sound quality and a trusty answer button to help you manage your calls while keeping your iPhone inside its case, your pocket or bag. It also saves you from annoying moments when you’re rushing to take a call only to realize that your hand glove is too thick to hold your phone properly.

Sealable bags to the rescue

Not everyone is keen on spending a few bucks for a case. So if you’re on the thrifty side, you can take advantage of plastic sealable bags. It looks a little bit awkward to pack and carry your iPad or iPhone this way, but it will help shut out moisture from condensation. Its transparent property will also allow you to check text messages or emails. It may not be the best solution, but it is better than nothing.

Cut back on prolonged and exposed use

Shooting a candid photo to tweet about is cool, but browsing the internet or trying to finish your favourite e-book can be catastrophic! Exposing your gadgets for extended periods can increase the risk for damage. Unnecessary skin contact will also increase the chances of getting frost bite. Better to put off until you get indoors before going back to your mobile routine.

Don’t entrust your gadgets to a car!

Ever tried getting in a car that was left outside overnight? You ought to remember how cold it can get. If you don’t want to condemn your gadgets to frost bite, better take them with you inside. If you really need to leave them behind, make sure they’re secured in a protective case, wrapped in a blanket, jacket or sweater.

Warm up before using

If you happen to have already left your gadgets outside for a very long time prior to reading this article, there’s still hope. The most important thing to remember is avoiding the damage from condensation. Place your gadget inside a sealable bag and then take it to a warm room so that the condensation will form on the bag and not on the device. Wait until it’s on room temperature before pressing that power on button.

Eliminate any form of moisture

What if you have unwittingly turned on your gadget while it is still cold and it catches moisture? Don’t run to the nearest hair dryer because you’ll just regret it. Instead, leave it turned off until it reaches room temp and then cover it with uncooked rice. The grains will absorb the moisture and help in its recovery.

Has your iPhone died in the midst of a phone call due to the freezing surroundings? Did your iPad break down just before you were able to hit the highest score in Words With Friends? How did you and your gadget pull through?

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