Tips 5 Things to Remember when Choosing a Macbook Case

Published on December 11th, 2012 | by Andrea


5 Things to Remember When Choosing a MacBook Case

Protecting your expensive MacBook is crucial. With tons of laptop cases and sleeves out there, how do you find the best one? Here are 5 things to remember…


  1. Make sure that the sleeve size matches the dimensions of your MacBook. To get your MacBook’s dimensions you can easily “Google” it or go to the Apple store website and look for it at the Tech Specs tab of your laptop, and go to Size and Weight section.


  1. A snug fit offers a good grip and ensures that your MacBook will be protected well. Loose fitting cases or sleeves won’t do your MacBook good because if your laptop is moving around inside — worse if the case itself makes use of magnet or zipper enclosures, chances are it will get all scratched up! Go for one that fits your MacBook perfectly.


  1. Find out what the case is made of. It should be durable yet lightweight so that you’re not weighed down by the sleeve’s bulkiness. In the first place, you’re looking for a sleeve to hold your MacBook conveniently when you’re on the go. So if its weight only adds to your burden, that won’t be practical anymore, would it?

  1. A good sleeve will have a substantial amount of padding inside to properly cushion your MacBook from accidental bumps. No matter how careful we are with our MacBook, there are still inevitable circumstances that can lead to it dropping, or other things knocking over and falling unto it. If it’s well padded, you don’t have to worry about dents on your laptop.


  1. Get a sleeve that enhances your lifestyle and flatters your personality. It should make you look and feel good whenever you’re sporting it. Taking care of your MacBook is also taking care of your day to day mobile routine but it doesn’t have to sacrifice your personality. The winning MacBook sleeve is the one that also communicates your impeccable sense and style.


Find high quality and environment friendly MacBook sleeves from ColcaSac. They double as cooling pads to dissipate the heat away when you’re using your MacBook. And according to this holiday gift guide on Sherman’s Travel blog, they also make comfy pillows during air travel. How cool is that?





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